The latest upgrade to Microsoft Teams will make it much easier to find what you’re searching for

Microsoft is working on an upgrade to its Microsoft Teams calling collaboration platform that would allow users to find information more quickly. 

The Microsoft Teams search function will soon benefit from a new component dubbed Top hits, according to a new item in the company’s product roadmap. 

According to Microsoft, “Top hits is a new area at the top of the autosuggest results in search where users will get the most relevant results across persons, conversations, files, and more.” 

The new feature will be available in a public Teams release by the end of the month, even though it is still in development. 

Microsoft Teams has a search function 

Microsoft has been open about its plans to convert Teams into a single center for working since the outbreak began. By this, the firm implies that it intends to put all the features that professionals want under one roof, including texting, video conferencing, file sharing, project management, and more. 

However, as the number of Teams features grows, the search tool becomes even more significant, allowing users to quickly find certain information, files, and conversation topics. 

Currently, autosuggest offers a limited number of possible results organized by kind, which users may reduce using a variety of criteria. There are a few built-in hacks as well, such as adding an asterisk to the end of a search word to bring up any material with a similar prefix (for example, searching “serv*” will get results pertaining to service, servers, and so on). 

The Top Hits section, on the other hand, should offer another layer of intelligence to current search capabilities, increasing the probability that users will discover what they’re seeking for the first time. The feature, according to Microsoft, would help “improve discovery and minimize search times,” resulting in increased productivity. 

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