Microsoft Teams has revealed that it will erase your previous calls automatically

Users who want to listen to recordings from previous Microsoft Teams calling should not wait too long, according to the firm. 

Microsoft previously announced that the video conferencing service will destroy call records after a certain amount of time if customers did not do anything with them, such as download or listen to them. 

The business has now stated that this time limit will be set at 60 days, meaning that customers will have only a few weeks to engage with the recordings they require, or risk losing the files forever. 

Microsoft Teams deletes a call 

According to Microsoft, the 60-day restriction was established because the firm discovered that most meeting recordings are never watched again once they had passed the 60-day mark. 

Users and administrators can still alter the default expiration date, albeit it will not be available right away. 

Microsoft Teams announced plans to start automatically recording all calls in June 2021, replacing a previous procedure in which users had to opt-in to call recording. 

Organizations who need to record meeting interactions to comply with industry rules or local legislation may find this feature particularly valuable. 

Meeting participants are notified that the meeting is being recorded with a warning shown at the start of the call, with the recording accessible to download and listen to once the conversation has concluded. 

Teams’ managers can now configure meeting recordings saved on OneDrive and SharePoint designer to expire automatically, according to a new upgrade from Microsoft. 

The feature, which will be available in September, will allow admins to create a default Teams policy setting on automatic deletion, though they will be able to change the default meeting recording expiration time via a setting in the Teams Admin Portal or by editing policy attributes using PowerShell scripts. 

Microsoft Teams will be able to compete with rival services like Zoom, which has enabled call recording (and call deletion) for some time. 

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