End-to-end encryption is coming to Facebook Messenger audio and video chats

End-to-end encryption for voice and video calls on Facebook Messenger is now available, ensuring that no one else, even the Facebook team, can listen in on your conversations. 

Video and audio calls are now as secure as one-to-one text chats, which have been encrypted end-to-end since 2016. (Although you do need to use the secret conversation feature for it to be enabled). 

“People want their messaging applications¬†developed by¬†app developers¬†to be secure and private,” says Ruth¬†Kricheli, Director of Product Management at Facebook Messenger. “With these new capabilities, we’re providing customers greater discretion over how private they want their calls and conversations to be.”¬†

More features will be added soon 

Facebook is also beginning to test end-to-end encryption for group conversations in Messenger and direct messaging in Instagram, albeit only a small number of users will have access to these features for the time being. 

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