On Windows 11, Microsoft Teams 2.0 will bring much-needed enhancements

Microsoft Teams Calling’¬†next¬†iteration is expected to include¬†a number of¬†significant improvements and upgrades.¬†

Over the last 18 months, the video conferencing service has evolved to become one of Microsoft’s most significant software services as workers and customers try to keep in touch throughout the epidemic. 

Microsoft is already preparing the introduction of Microsoft Teams 2.0, which will be included in the highly anticipated Windows 11 release later this year, and will include a number of new features and upgrades. 

Messaging in Microsoft Teams 2.0 

Microsoft Teams now has a messaging feature that allows users to respond directly to messages, like how Slack does. 

Teams’ users will be able to react to specific messages or quote their own message in a response thanks to the new “quoted responses” feature. To use the functionality, simply right click on any message. It may also be accessed by hovering over a message and selecting the three-dot menu at the top of a Team’s conversation, then selecting “Reply.” 

The update, according to Microsoft, will make chatting on the Teams desktop app more engaging and intuitive, as well as make it simpler to pick up on all the relevant communications for you. 

The announcement comes just days after Microsoft resolved another vexing issue with Teams, this time involving locating specific notes or messages using the platform’s search function. 

Teams will soon launch a fully new search page that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to find the exact results you require for your company or family job. The new search results page features “a new search experience in Teams that will make discovering messages, people, answers, and files faster and more intuitive,” according to the firm. 

It goes on to state that “a new search results page delivers greater context and quicker results,” and that the tool would utilize “AI-powered relevance” based on who and what customers engage with the most in Teams and other¬†Microsoft¬†Office¬†365¬†email¬†services to deliver the best results.¬†

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